Friday, 27 March 2015

Mr Lee Kuan Yew Our Hero

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"It was extremely meaningful and bears much artistic and moral value. The usage of using “Lee Kuan Yew” words to draw a picture can represent how he created the beautiful piece of art that is Singapore. Furthermore, the artwork was painstakingly drawn by hand, representing the perseverance and hard work Mr Lee had put in to build this nation."
- Andrew Lo Zhi Sheng

"I found it fitting that Mr Ong had to have a lot of determination and perseverance to draw such a picture with so many scribbles by hand. He made Lee Kuan Yew a role model through a picture."
- Donovan Neo 

"It is meaningful as the fact that this portrait is hand-drawn reminds us of Mr Lee’s efforts towards building Singapore and his perseverance. By making the portrait out of only Mr Lee’s name shows that the artist had dedicated his time to making this portrait just like how Mr Lee was dedicated to this country."
- Adrian Chan

"The student took the effort to draw this picture using only Mr Lee Kuan Yew’s name, this is meaningful as it reminds us of how Mr Lee Kuan Yew took the effort and even used his whole life to draw and improve a picture, Singapore. This also reminds me of his perseverance in doing what he believed in. If he had not worked so hard, if he had not persevered, if he had not believed in us, Singapore, would not have been what it is today and as a young teenager of present time, I would not be able to have the be able to enjoy the privileges that the older generations never had."
- Crane Lim 

"This quote is very meaningful to me as I know what it is like to be an artist and that an artists' drawings, especially those dedicated to other people are very important  to the artists who draw them. The quote also reminds us of the importance of Mr Lee’s dedication and perseverance, reminding us to do the same in order to make Singapore a better place."
- Chan Ze Feng

"It is very nice to see that he sat down and did this tribute for him, that was a lot of hard work and time. This shows that he made a lot of contributions and made a huge difference in order to get this kind of time consuming work dedicated to him. Without his contributions, we would not have this SIngapore today."
- Augustine Yap

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