Friday, 27 March 2015

27th March, Homeworks and Reminders

Herro. Do people even read this?

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to Common Test

What is it for you ask? Just to make you feel stressed (Actually so that you start preparing).

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Performance Tasks, Due on T2 W1

  1. PRIORITY:!!! Chemistry - The Chemistry Performance Task is due on Term 2 Week 1. You are to submit the report and the poster.
    • Water parameters and chemical content of water sample.
    • Importance of water parameters and chemical content
    • Analysis of water parameters and identities of contaminants
    • Usage of decision matrix and determining of priorities
    ALSO Make sure you have been building the prototype.
  2. PRIORITY:!! Physics - Complete the report sections 1.1 to 2.3. And you should have finished the car by now. Check [Here] for more details.

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Homework & Reminders, Due Monday, 30th March

  1. PRIORITY:!! Reminder - You are reminded to submit the OBS forms by Monday, 30th March.
  2. PRIORITY:!!! Reminder - For those who have not submitted your Killer Viruses homework (English), put it in Mr. Chen's pigeon hole by 1.35 tomorrow.
  3. PRIORITY:!!! English - Finish up the rewriting segment (GrpB-B1)
  4. PRIORITY:!!! Mathematics - Do Mathematics Logarithm notes set 2 page 8 and 9
  5. PRIORITY:!!! Mathematics - Do the Mathematics Tutorial on Surds and Indices by Monday.
  6. PRIORITY:!!! Mathematics - Do the Mathematics papers if you can.
  7. PRIORITY:!!! Mathematics AA - Mathematics AA is due on T2W2, please visit Ace-Learning to find out more under assignments. Complete assignments 1 - 4 and the quiz will be issued out on 30th March, Monday after school reopens. Remember, you can only attempt the quiz once. Visit [here] for more details.

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Homework & Reminders, Due Tuesday, 31st March

  1. PRIORITY:!!! Physics - Finish the Physics worksheet 5
  2. PRIORITY:!!! Chemistry - Those who have not finished KPT workbook, please finish it.
  3. PRIORITY:!! Chemistry - Fill in all 'holes' for your chemistry worksheets and notes. Check google sites for the slides [here]
  4. PRIORITY:!!! Chemistry - Make sure you have been doing your Chemistry PT Report and built a prototype.
  5. PRIORITY:!! Chemistry - Please dig up every single worksheets, notes and file and bring em'.
  6. PRIORITY:!! Chemistry - 40 question balancing equation ws ( No deadline YET )

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Homework & Reminders, Due 24th April

  1. PRIORITY:!!! FOE - Complete all FOE tutorials on the Ngee Ann Poly students site. You guys should have your passwords and usernames for login.

Notes from the secretary

  1. PRIORITY:X Also, please tell me if I missed out anything for the homework post, or if you want me to put your Mother Tongue homeworks on the homework post. Feel free to message me or something.
  2. PRIORITY:!!!!!!!! Always remember to clean the whiteboard...
  3. PRIORITY:X Well, time to start working towards Common Test

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