Saturday, 14 March 2015

13th March, Homeworks, Reminders, and etc.

La fête de devoirs

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Homework & Reminders, Due T2W1

  1. PRIORITY:!! Reminder - You are reminded to submit the OBS forms by Monday, 30th March once school reopens.
  2. PRIORITY:!!! Mathematics AA - Mathematics AA is due on T2W1, please visit Ace-Learning to find out more under assignments. Complete assignments 1 - 4 and the quiz will be issued out on 30th March, Monday after school reopens. Remember, you can only attempt the quiz once. Visit [here] for more details.
  3. PRIORITY:!! Mathematics - Do the holiday homework, A-Maths paper
  4. PRIORITY:!!! Mathematics - Do the holiday homework, E-Maths paper
  5. PRIORITY:!!! Mathematics - Do the holiday homework, Level Test Review
  6. PRIORITY:!!! Mathematics - Do the holiday homework, properties of circle. Includes the notes and the assignment itself.
  7. PRIORITY:!! Mathematics - Fill in all 'holes' in your Maths file if you have any.
  8. PRIORITY:!!! English - Finish the exercise given after the lecture.
  9. PRIORITY:!! Physics - Finish the Physics worksheet 5
  10. PRIORITY:!! Chemistry - Make sure that the Chemistry file is ready by T2W1
  11. PRIORITY:!! Chemistry - Fill in all 'holes' for your chemistry worksheets and notes. Check google sites for the slides [here]
  12. PRIORITY:!! Service Learning - Please take a look at the iBook project. Make sure that the planning and assigning of roles are done and ready to go.

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Performance Tasks, Due on T2 W1

  1. PRIORITY:!!! Chemistry - The Chemistry Performance Task is due on Term 2 Week 1. You are to submit a partially completed draft report on Monday. It consists of
    • Water parameters and chemical content of water sample.
    • Importance of water parameters and chemical content
    • Analysis of water parameters and identities of contaminants
    • Usage of decision matrix and determining of priorities
  2. PRIORITY:!!! English - The English Performance Task (Finalised video) is due on Term 2 Week 1.
  3. PRIORITY:!! Physics - Complete the report sections 1.1 to 2.3. They are due during the March Holidays

Notes from the secretary

  1. PRIORITY:X Also, please tell me if I missed out anything for the homework post, or if you want me to put your Mother Tongue homeworks on the homework post. Feel free to message me or something.
  2. PRIORITY:!!!!!!!! Always remember to clean the whiteboard...
  3. PRIORITY:X Don't feel sad about level Test.

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