Wednesday, 31 December 2014



WELCOME back to another exciting year with SST!!
I always believe school is a second home as you spend most of the time in school other than your own home. :D


I am your Form Teacher for this year. My name is Ms Janet Tan. 
A brief introduction... I joined SST in April this year. I was previously from Ngee Ann Polytechnic teaching as a Mathematics Lecturer. I have taught mathematics for engineering, life science, health science and technology for adult learning and advanced mathematics for diplomas plus. I'm also a proud mum of a 3 year old boy, Gideon Sim. We can introduce and share more with one another when we meet in class next year. :D

From now on, we will be using this Blog for all class announcement or discussion on class matters.

To start off the year, I would strongly encourage you to set and pen down some GOALS or new year resolution for yourself to achieve in year 2015. It may not be just academic end-goals, like getting A1 for all my subjects. It may be SPECIFIC PROGRESSIVE SHORT-TERM goals. For example, aim to be more disciplined and revise your test at least 1 week in advance. 
It could also be health goals. For example, sleep by 10pm every night and eventually take less medical leave!  

After which, pen down some steps to take to achieve your goals. This definitely requires discipline as most of the time it involves changing a certain habit or even lifestyle. However, when you look back by the end of year 2015, you would realise that you have not just achieved your goals but have in fact, becomes an even better person.

Right now, before 2014 comes to an end, give yourself some quiet time (if you have not given yourself any quiet moment this holidays (:) to self-reflect and start setting a goal. Pen it down and write down some simple steps or milestones to eventually achieve it. Share with us (if you are comfortable sharing) when we meet during FT time on Wed morning. :)

  • Please return your report books (check that it's with parents' signature) to me.
  • We will need to form an Executive Committee (ExCo) and 5 House Representatives. For those who were already house representatives in Sec 1 in 2014, you should continue your house representative as far as possible. Please refer to this document for the roles and responsibilities of each position for your consideration and nomination. There will NOT be any voting involved. I will be doing the selection based on your nomination (self-nominate is allowed) and an interview with me. Subject Representatives will be selected by the respective subject teachers. Nomination will be done through a Google Form which i will be sending it to you by the end of week 1 or 2. We will tentatively requires an acting Chair and vice-chair. Please email me at if you are keen to take up this tentative position.
  • Please read through the SST Code of Conduct as a reminder for yourself. Do pay special attention to point 2.1.8 as some of you may not be aware of this. Of course, the other points are equally important. For your compliance please. :)
  • Lastly, i will be sending you a Google form very soon to fill in your particulars (personal mobile number, emails, etc.) for my consolidation.

That's all for now, folk.
Anticipate a challenging and exciting year ahead!!

If you have any queries, feel free to send me an email at

Thank you.

Wishing you a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!! :)