Saturday, 7 March 2015

6th March, Homework and Reminders


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Homework, Due Monday, 9th March

  1. PRIORITY:!!! Mathematics - Do test 6 of matrix worksheet given during class on Friday
  2. PRIORITY:!! Mathematics - Do Mathematics tutorial on Matrices, please check the spreadsheet. Also, finish everything in A03.
  3. PRIORITY:!!! Chemistry - Complete Kinetic Particle Theory worksheet until page 25
  4. PRIORITY:!!! Chemistry - Submit experimental techniques worksheet for those who has not done it.
  5. PRIORITY:!! Social Studies - Finish the SS logo, views on governance, etc. document.
  6. PRIORITY:!!! English - Finalise PT groupings and submit to Andrew

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Homework, Due Tuesday, 10th March

  1. PRIORITY:!!! Physics - Physics WB Worksheet 4: Mass, Weight and Density

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Homework, Due Wednesday, 11th March

  1. PRIORITY:!!! Announcement - Please check the google sites for announcements on OEE. Remember to bring your health book and a money for the checkup.
  2. PRIORITY:!! S&W - Current coaches are to complete coaching worksheet and pick next week's coach.

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Performance Task, Due on T2 W1

  1. PRIORITY:!! Chemistry - The Chemistry Performance Task is due on Term 2 Week 1, please view the chemistry google sites for further details on the project itself.

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Monday's timetable

9.05-9.55 9.55-10.45 10.45-11.35 11.35-12.20 12.20-1.10 1.10-2.00 2.00-2.50
English Chinese Chemistry Break Maths SS CCE

Notes from the secretary

  1. PRIORITY:X Also, please tell me if I missed out anything for the homework post, or if you want me to put your Mother Tongue homeworks on the homework post. Feel free to message me or something.
  2. PRIORITY:!!!!!!!! Always remember to clean the whiteboard...
  3. PRIORITY:X Don't feel sad about level Test.

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