Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Math Lesson on 7 Jan (Wed)

Dear All,

we will be starting on the chapter of 'Function" tomorrow.
"Function" is an A-level topic however, the concepts are very useful for understanding of future Math topics.

For a brief understanding, please access this link:
Read up on Function, Domain, Range and Codomain. These are very useful.

After which, we will be going into E.Math Graphs.
Part of it is a recap of quadratic curve sketching, drawing, completing the square.
The other part of it is on recognising the shape and behaviour of different types of graphs. These include, quadratic, cubic, exponential, reciprocal, etc.
You can Google on these terms and see what you get. :)

See you tomorrow!
P.S: Remember to bring your Thermometer!!! :p

Ms Tan

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