Wednesday, 21 January 2015

21st January - Homeworks, Annoucement


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Announcement & To-do, Due tomorrow, 22 January

  1. PRIORITY:!!! Announcement - Treasurer of each class will be collecting $12.50 from every student to purchase the A and E maths Ten-year Series (TYS). Bring the money LATEST by tomorrow.
  2. PRIORITY:!! Chemistry - Do chemistry page 4 on lab exercise 1
  3. PRIORITY:!!! Chinese - Do Chinese textbook page 9
  4. PRIORITY:!!! Chinese - Bring your Chinese file

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Due by Monday, 26 January

  1. PRIORITY:!!! Social studies - Do the social studies assignment (check google classroom)
  2. PRIORITY:!!! English - Do English and choose either options 1 and 2. (option 1: conditional connectors task 4; option2: rewrite diagnostic test with skills learnt;)

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Reminders for the forseeable future...

  1. PRIORITY:X There will be a weekly task roster where everyone will be assigned to classroom jobs randomly and will change each week to spice things up abit. But it will be abit delayed for this week as there is something wrong with my new automated algorithm.
  2. PRIORITY:X Also, please tell me if I missed out anything for the homework post. Feel free to message me or something.

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