Wednesday, 7 January 2015

7th Jan - Things to do, Reminders, Well wishes.

1d left

Due Tommorow, 8 January

  1. PRIORITY:!!! Finish filling in the emergency contact details (sent in email) as soon as possible; preferably by tomorrow as this will be used to add all of us to the respective messaging groups
  2. PRIORITY:!!! For those who has not submitted their report books or the consent forms, please remember to sign it and submit it tomorrow... please.
  3. PRIORITY:!!! For those who has not filled in service learning reflections, finish filling in the form that should be in your email inbox.
  4. PRIORITY:!!!! Please please input your personal reflections into the responses document I shared for the service learning. Really hope that i can get enough responses by today.
  5. PRIORITY:!!!! There is a chemistry quiz tomorrow, remember to learn the cations and anions by heart.

2d left

Due by Friday, 9 January

  1. PRIORITY:!!!! Get the SDM form signed and the SDM updated.

5d left

Reminder/due by Monday, 12 January

  1. PRIORITY:!!! Chemistry lesson will be in the chemistry lab
  2. PRIORITY:!! Bring social studies files on Monday
  3. PRIORITY:!! Watch the video and read the document on the social studies blog.
  4. PRIORITY:!! Fill in the two social studies worksheets after finishing the task above.

1.5 weeks left

Due by week 3

  1. PRIORITY:!!!! FOE guys, finish the tutorial 1 in your BOOK EXERCISE BOOK.

∞d left

Reminders for the forseeable future...

  1. PRIORITY:X There will be a weekly task roster where everyone will be assigned to classroom jobs randomly and will change each week to spice things up abit.
  2. PRIORITY:X Mathematics diagnostic test might bring joy or sadness to us but we must remember that we did out best. (keep it positive)
  3. PRIORITY:X I am available for IT consultation, make an appointment first though.
  4. PRIORITY:X Also, please tell me if I missed out anything for the homework post.

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