Monday, 5 January 2015

5th January - Things to do & Reminders

﹤1d left

Due on Tuesday, Sixth January

  1. PRIORITY:!!! Finish filling in the emergency contact details (sent in email) as soon as possible; preferably by tomorrow as this will be used to add all of us to the respective messaging groups
  2. PRIORITY:!!! For those who has not submitted their report books or the consent forms, please remember to sign it and submit it by tomorrow.
  3. PRIORITY:!! Update your particulars on SDM for those who have not done so.
  4. PRIORITY:!!! Fill in reflections on today's (Monday) service learning by filling in the form that should be in your email inbox.

3d left

Due by Friday, Ninth January

  1. PRIORITY:!! Remember to fill in the "class executive committee form" by the end of this week. The form should be in your email inbox.

1d left

Reminders for Wednesday, Seventh January

  1. PRIORITY:!!!! There is a Mathematics diagnostic test from two o'clock onwards after school. Please check your email for further details.
  2. PRIORITY:!!!! There is a temperature taking exercise at dawn ere' lessons so remember to bring ye thermometers. (Lets make this year, the year where everyone brings their thermometers, shall we? mhm?)

∞d left

Reminders for the forseeable future...

  1. PRIORITY:! There will be a weekly task roster where everyone will be assigned to classroom jobs randomly and will change each week to spice things up abit.

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