Monday, 2 February 2015

Class decoration

Mt. Goals
The front view
Left noticeboard
Le Lockers
Front of the class

Form Teacher(s): Ms Janet Tan
Submitted by:
Name of Student(s):
Rachel Tan (Welfare Rep, Leader of the Classroom Decoration Competition), Ng Han Yit Ryan (Chairperson), Bhakti Pandharinath Choundahary (Vice-chairperson), Pyae Phyo Aung @ Elvis Kason Lin (Secretary), Vanshiqa Agrawal (Peer support board), Andrew (NE and EL Rep), Chan Ze Feng (Cyber Wellness Rep), Adrian Chan Chung Yen (Environmental Rep & Welfare Rep), Lim Yu Xuan (Crane) (Environmental Rep).

Class Theme
Class Mission
To be dedicated to achieving excellence both academically and holistically whilst being united as one.
Class Goals
  1. To excel in our studies and achieve M.S.G. 1.0
  2. To build strong bonds and everlasting friendship through birthday celebrations
  3. To show recognition and appreciation towards one another
Class Code of Conduct
Having an excellent attitude and mindset while observing school rules and using school property with care.
Recycled Materials Used
Newspaper, Plastic bottles, Scrap papers
Short Write-Up About Class Decoration (max 100 words)
We chose “Rainforest” as our theme since it represents a bonded ecosystem where organisms are interdependent on one another directly or indirectly which is similar to how we want our class to be - being united and helpful towards one another.
The inhabitants of rainforests work hard to survive to face both unforeseen and unforeseeable challenges mother nature puts. Likewise, we aim to overcome obstacles during our years in SST.
The “Rainforest” theme, will therefore, remind us of both the wonders of nature and the perseverance of the inhabitants of the forest.

Our class motto: We are like a chain that is only as strong as our weakest link

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