Monday, 16 February 2015

16th February, Homeworks and Reminders


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Homework, Reminders, Due Tomorrow, 17th February

  1. PRIORITY:!!! English - Submit the English 'Fun Pack' homework with the additional missing worksheet on the google forms by today, 2359 sharp.
  2. PRIORITY:!!! English - Finish brainstorming for 2005 & 2010 papers.
  3. PRIORITY:!!! Chemistry - Add in notes and diagrams for Modelling A,E,C,&M in S,L,&G state worksheet.
  4. PRIORITY:!!! Chemistry - Clean up the chemistry practical worksheet.
  5. PRIORITY:!!! Social Studies - Finish up the level test practice paper and mark it by tomorrow.
  6. PRIORITY:!!! Reminder - Please bring a couple red packets tomorrow
  7. PRIORITY:!!! Physics - Finish Physics WB forces worksheet thingy. (Dk. I was not here)

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Homework, Due Wednesday, 18th February

  1. PRIORITY:!! Physics - Those who still have not paid Nick the SGD 6.50 for TYS, please pay him.

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Performance Task, Due on T2 W1

  1. PRIORITY:!! Chemistry - The Chemistry Performance Task is due on Term 2 Week 1, please view the chemistry google sites for further details on the project itself.

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Notes from the secretary

  1. PRIORITY:X Also, please tell me if I missed out anything for the homework post, or if you want me to put your Mother Tongue homeworks on the homework post. Feel free to message me or something.
  2. PRIORITY:!!!!!!!! Always remember to clean the whiteboard...

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